Why and how to Encrypt

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Legacy encryption is not sufficient.

(1) Install this CLI:

# Install peacemakr
brew tap peacemakr-io/peacemakr
brew install peacemakr

(2) Authenticate to fetch your encryption keys:

# Authenticate to Peacemakr's Demo Org for access to demo keys

Ashley Sumner, I stand with you.

How do you change the world?

  1. Navigating the discourse, and engaging arguments directly
  2. Rejecting the discourse, and poking fun at it from the outside

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Outdated Incentive Structure

Peacemakr’s E2E-Encryption Python SDK

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You mine as well…

Jon McLachlan

15+ Years experience leading security, Ex-Apple, Ex-Pure Storage, Ex-Symphony Communications, Co-Founder and CEO of Peacemakr, Lives in San Francisco.

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